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The following is a representation of NPIC presentations, publications and reports over the last 10 years. To ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, some documents may not be available for public dissemination. You may, however, contact us to request additional information about a specific presentation, publication or report. We will review your request and make every effort, within our contractual obligations, to assist you with your information needs.

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Perinatal Patient Safety/Quality Improvement

"Results of the Premier Perinatal Safety Initiative, 2008-2012: Effects of Bundle Compliance and Teamwork Training on Adverse Events". Riley, W. et al. Submitted to Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. September, 2014.

"Metrics to Measure the Success of Your TeamSTEPPS® Initiatives". TeamSTEPPS® Annual Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota. June, 2014.

"Making the best use of your data: perform quality improvement and earn MOC". Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies; American Academy of Pediatrics; Scottsdale, Arizona. April, 2014.

"Developing a QI Workshop". Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies; American Academy of Pediatrics; Scottsdale, Arizona. April, 2013.

"Keeping the Momentum Going: AOI Update". Caldwell, DL., Boyle, SA., Premier Perinatal Safety Initiative. March 13, 2013 (webinar).

"Collaborating and Sharing Expertise through a Query Process". Association of Maternal and Child Health Professionals, Washington, DC. February, 2012.

"Perinatal Readmissions: Data and Discussion". American Hospital Association Maternal and Child Health Governing Council Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. May, 2011.

"Measuring Improvements in Perinatal Safety". Premier Perinatal Safety All Hospitals Team Meeting, Dallas, Texas. October, 2008.

"Assessing Improvement Through the Adverse Outcome Index". Muri, JH; Caldwell, DL, Presentation to the Maryland Patient Safety Center Perinatal Collaborative: Outcomes Congress in Ellicott City, Maryland. June 5, 2008.

"Patient Safety in Obstetrics: Data Collection and Analysis". Massachusetts Medical Society. March 4, 2008.

"The Adverse Outcome Index: Where Are We?" Muri, JH; Caldwell, DL, Presentation to the Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC) Perinatal Collaborative: Learning Session 3 in Baltimore, Maryland. November 8, 2007.

"Importance of Perinatal Data Collection and Benchmarking to Change Behavior and Enhance Quality". Providence Health and Services Perinatal Summit, Seattle, Washington. October 24, 2007.

"Using the Adverse Outcome Index to Measure Improvement". Caldwell, DL, Presentation to the Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC) Perinatal Collaborative: Learning Session 2 in Baltimore, Maryland. June 21, 2007.

"Raising the Bar in OB Patient Safety: Using the Adverse Outcome Index to Measure Improvement". Muri, JH, Presentation to the Northwest Physicians Insurance Company in Portland, Oregon. April 20, 2007.

"Measurement Strategy: Adverse Outcome Index (AOI)". Muri, JH, Presentation to the Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC) Perinatal Collaborative: Improvement Lead Workshop in Baltimore, Maryland. January 25, 2007.

"Obstetrical Quality Indicators: Overview and Analysis of Current Indicators on the National Scene", Council of Women's and Infants' Specialty Hospitals (CWISH), Muri, JH, Chicago, Illinois.. May, 2006.

"Analysis of M2 Standard Inpatient Data Record", Navy Bureau of Medicine Perinatal Advisory Board, Muri, JH, San Diego, California. March, 2005.

Maternal and Child Health Analyses

"Variation in morbidity and mortality risk by week in term deliveries". Main, EK, Muri, JH, et al. September, 2014, (finalizing for first submission)

"The laborist model of obstetric care impacts maternal and neonatal outcomes". Srinivas, SK., Small, DS., Macheras, M., Hsu, JY.., Caldwell, DC., Lorch, S. (finalizing for first submission)

"Hospital Differences in Special Care Nursery Utilization for Newborns of Mothers with Gestational Diabetes". Danilack, VD, et al. (Planned submission to Medical Care, September 2014.)

"Changes in Delivery Methods at Specialty Care Hospitals in the United States between 2006 and 2010". Danilack, VD, et al. Journal of Perinatology, DOI: JP.2013.90. 2014.

"Final Report: Louisiana Electronic Event Registration System Validation Project". Presentation to the LA IHI Perinatal Improvement Committee Meeting.   APHA Abstract accepted: "Justifying Early Term Deliveries in LA with Vital Statistics Data". February 2014.

"Adoption of the laborist model of care: A qualitative analysis". Jesus, AO., Caldwell, DC. (submitted as commentary to Obstetrics and Gynecology 2014)

"Perinatal Complications Associated with Gestational and Pre-Gestational Diabetes". Poster: Society of Perinatal Epidemiology Research, Boston, Massachusetts. 2013.

"Analysis of a Subset of NPIC Member Hospitals Showing a Reduction in Early Term Births Between 2006 and 2010". Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (MCH EPI) Conference, San Antonio, Texas. December, 2012.

"Laborist Model of Care: Who is Using it?" Srinivas, S., Shocksnider, J., Caldwell, DL., Lorch, S. Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine vol. 25(3). 2011.

"Pregnancy and Parenting: Women and Recovery from Addiction". Caldwell, D. Spectrum Health Systems 3rd Annual Women's Treatment Conference, Westborough, Massachusetts. May 6, 2011.

"A Care Coordination Program for Substance-Exposed Infants". Twomey, JE, Caldwell, DL., et., al., Child Welfare (vol. 90, no. 5). 2011.

"Services for perinatal substance users and child welfare outcomes: A descriptive, cohort study". McCann, KJ, Twomey, JE, Caldwell, DL., et. al., Harm Reduction Journal 7(19). 2010.

"Toward Improving the Outcome of Pregnancy 3", Janet H. Muri, co-author Chapter 4: Evolution of Quality Improvement in Perinatal Care. December, 2009.

"Court Spotlight: RI Family Treatment Drug Court", Caldwell, DL., Sheppard, J., Soave, R. National Association of Drug Court Professionals Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri. May 28-31, 2008.

"Epidemiology of Premature Birth", March of Dimes 2005 Prematurity Summit, Muri, JH, Warwick, Rhode Island. December 7, 2005.

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