National Perinatal Information Center
National Perinatal Information Center
Perinatal Consulting Group


  • Maternity Service
  • Newborn Unit
  • Neonatal Special Care Unit
  • Reproductive Health Service
  • Women's Health Service
  • PCG consultants will assess service changes from the perspective of their impact on the existing facility, staffing requirements, and financial resources. Since all three components are closely interrelated, we will provide separate analyses for each program component and propose separate recommendations.
Facility Requirements:

PCG consultants will examine the existing facility and identify whether the volume and type of future patient utilization corresponds to the present space configurations, equipment and service relationships. Any discrepancies will be documented for future capital planning.

Staff Requirements:

PCG will address staff needs in each program component separately to determine staff mix and ratio-to-beds and/or patients using current national research on staffing requirements. We will give important consideration to the supply of staff in the hospital's market area and development of recruitment programs for new service components, i.e., maternal/fetal specialists, neonatologists, gynecologists, clinical nurse specialist, etc.

Financial Impact:

PCG will conduct analyses of capital and operational expenses associated with each program component. Using information provided by the hospital on capital expenses and current area salary ranges, we will develop total program costs and costs per day and patient visit. We will compare these cost figures to average cost estimates at comparable regional institutions drawn from the NPIC/QAS National Data Base.

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