Beautiful Birth: Perinatal Palliative Care

Melissa Petersen, RNC, MS, WHNP-BC
Perinatal Bereavement Clinician
Northside Hospital

The purpose/goal(s) of this activity is to enable healthcare providers to have an increased understanding of the importance of perinatal palliative care.


  • State reasons for quality perinatal palliative care
  • List the common diagnoses that lead to
    palliative care decisions
  • Describe the process of decision making in
    perinatal palliative care
  • List ways to help families make memories
    with their babies
  • Discuss the various methods of symptom management in the dying neonate
  • List ways to provide care to the family as a whole
  • Describe two ways to alleviate the compassion fatigue that may be felt when caring for dying neonates
1.0 Contact Hour