National Perinatal Information Center
National Perinatal Information Center


NPIC member hospitals receive quarterly comparative reports that include financial, clinical and quality indicators.

Multiple levels of comparison are provided for every metric displayed. Hospital specific data is compared to a peer subgroup, the Perinatal Center Data Base (PCDB) as a whole, our trend data base and other national benchmarks. NPIC enhances the value of the comparative data by case mix adjusting variables whenever possible.

The Quarterly Report covers a full one-year period, updated with the most recent quarter available.

Each report profiles:
  • Obstetrical Services
  • All Neonatal Services
  • Neonatal Special Care Services
  • Linked Mother/Baby Analyses
  • Perinatal Quality Indicators
  • Five Year Trends

  Data Requirements
Hospitals submit a patient specific "administrative data set" comprised of Uniform Billing (UB-04) data with supplemental perinatal variables.
  Submission of State Data Files
These files usually contain most variables needed for our PCDB requirements. Hospitals may submit copies of their state files or create a new file submission that meets our data specs.
  Electronic Data Submission
Secure data transmission ensures rapid turn-around time.
  Data Validation and Sign Off
Each quarterly validation report includes commentary on completeness of data or corrections needed; hospitals "sign off" on complete/ validated files.
  Technical Support
NPIC liaisons and programming staff provide assistance throughout the file creation, data submission, and validation process.
  Report Distribution
Reports are sent electronically to all key staff designated by the hospital and archived reports are available on our password protected web site.

NPIC creates Quarterly Special Reports on perinatal hot topics.

Recent Special Report Analyses:

Perinatal Risk Assessment

Primary Cesarean Delivery Rate, Uncomplicated (IQI 33) and Unexpected Newborn Complications (NQF 716) - Linked Analysis

Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Outcome Metrics

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