National Perinatal Information Center
National Perinatal Information Center


Our Perinatal Center Data Base (PCDB) has collected over 12 million inpatient perinatal discharges since it was established in 1985.

The data base is comprised primarily of hospitals offering subspecialty perinatal services, including academic and non-academic institutions.

  • Patient specific relational format provides multiple levels of analysis

  • Combination of clinical and financial information

  • Validation of all data submissions prior to inclusion

  • Large sample size enables analyses of rare conditions, adverse events and special patient populations

  • Ability to perform linked analyses on maternal complications/comorbidities and infant outcomes

NPIC member hospitals
contribute approximately
725,000 perinatal
discharges annually

to the PCDB, making it
one of the largest repositories

for hospital based perinatal
clinical and financial discharge data
in the country.

The PCDB contains administrative (Uniform Billing) data with supplemental perinatal variables including:

Numeric gestational age and birth weight for infants

Mother's medical record number on the infant's record


Parity and Gravida
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The PCDB is a valuable source of longitudinal volume, utilization and quality trends, making it a robust data set for research, comparative analysis and benchmark reporting.

NPIC welcomes the opportunity to partner with hospitals and public or private organizations to enhance the value and quality of health services to women and children. Please send all inquiries to

Neonates1: 0-28 days old at admission
Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) 14 2: Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium

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Discharges by Year

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