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American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG (AEIX) is a hospital owned and controlled excess professional liability company managed by the Premier Insurance Management Services, Inc. (PIMS) a subsidiary of Premier, Inc. In 2008, AEIX began a Perinatal Safety Initiative (PSI) with a subset of 16 of its managed hospitals with the goal of improving patient safety and reducing risk exposure of the perinatal services at the participating hospitals.

NPIC served as the data partner on the two and half year Premier Perinatal Safety Initiative (PPSI). The project provided participating hospitals with comparative outcome data for the period prior to the initiation of the PPSI (baseline period), and quarterly for the post-training period. Participating hospitals received data for their own hospital as well as aggregate comparative data for a group of participating and non-participating hospitals.

The PPSI encompassed a number of components including the identification of structural differences across the hospitals; analysis and initiation of process improvement activities using care bundles, team simulation, and common language training; surveys of safety culture and patient satisfaction, along with internal and external benchmarking of outcome measures to demonstrate improvements in patient safety.

In 2010, Premier principals, collaborating with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and Fairview Health Services were awarded an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Grant (3 years) with NPIC as a subcontractor. The project was able to continue through this funding with additional quality improvements (in particular, simulation drills) and data analysis components. Fourteen of the original 16 hospitals continue to receive reports from NPIC, which includes aggregate data from a new comparison group of 8 NPIC member hospitals, recruited by NPIC

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