National Perinatal Information Center
National Perinatal Information Center
Perinatal Consulting Group


The Perinatal Consulting Group (PCG) organized in 1985 provides unique support to the perinatal community. The array of services include:
  • market analysis
  • population projections
  • program planning
  • facility assessment and design
  • revenue projections
  • Clients include hospitals, insurers, managed care companies, state and federal government.
  • PCG has worked with hospitals struggling with the decision whether to expand their perinatal programs and implement a higher level of care. The PCG consultant team provides extensive analysis to determine the demand for these services, the ability of the hospital to respond to an unmet need in an existing market, program costs and revenue requirements to support such a service.

To accomplish these consultant engagements, PCG calls upon the expertise of NPIC/QAS staff consultants who have extensive knowledge of health care for women and their infants. PCG also has access to a broad array of panel consultants that include physicians, nurses, administrators, architects and allied health professionals actively involved in the delivery of women's health, reproductive health and perinatal care.

The PCG prides itself on the level of professional expertise, the competence and efficiency of its work, the honesty of its appraisals, and the depth of its studies. The firm's close connection to patient care delivery is a hallmark that sets it apart from other consulting firms.

PCG and its adjunct clinical consultants are also available to assess the effectiveness and quality of existing perinatal programs and make recommendations for improving the quality, service delivery, and cost efficiency of perinatal care.

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