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National Perinatal Information Center
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Janet H.  Muri, MBA- resident of the National Perinatal Information Center/Quality Analytic Services (NPIC/QAS).  Ms. Muri has been with PCG for twenty years, and has more than twenty-four years experience in the health care field.  She has been most heavily involved in data specification, collection and analysis for NPIC/QAS member hospitals, NPIC/QAS report design specification, program evaluation, and strategic planning for perinatal centers.  Ms. Muri brings strong analytic and research skills to each project.  Ms. Muri has a Masters in Business Administration with a specialty in health care management from Boston University.  

David E.  Gagnon, MPH - Former President of the National Perinatal Information Center/Quality Analytic Services (NPIC/QAS).  He brings to this project a wealth of experience in perinatal care and in the planning and implementation of women's health services.  He is acknowledged as an expert in the field and has been invited as faculty to national symposiums on perinatal services, women's health care, and genetic services, along with his hands-on experience in developing one of the six largest women's hospitals in the United States make him an invaluable consultant to the project.  His planning expertise spans three decades and includes the application of demographic market and survey information to planning of health care services.  He has a Master's Degree in Medical Care Organization and Planning from the University of Michigan and a Doctor of Science (Hon.) in Obstetrics/Gynecology from Safarik University, Slovakia.  

James W. McNally, PhD- Dr. McNally is a population demographer contracted with PCG for studies involving changes in birth, migration, and shifts in age cohorts.  He received his PhD in demography and sociology from Brown University (1994) and is currently a Project Manager and Senior Research Associate for the NACDA project.  He has held faculty positions at Brown University, University of Rhode Island, and Syracuse University.  His research interests are survey and census methodology, imputation, and simulation modeling.  He has a national and international reputation as a demographer and is currently working on a projected funded by the MacArthur Foundation.  Dr. McNally has worked frequently with PCG developing birth projections, changes in female age cohorts, and migration patterns.  Using the most current population data and modeling techniques, he has examined changes in every Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the US.    

John C. Pezzullo, PhD- Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Biostatistics, Georgetown University Medical Center.  Dr. Pezzullo has been involved in health care research and analysis for thirty-five years.  He has performed data management and statistical analysis in support of numerous federal; state and privately funded research projects related to perinatal health care delivery. Dr. Pezzullo has a B.S., and Ph.D. from Providence College.   

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