National Perinatal Information Center
National Perinatal Information Center


"Perinatal Services must be organized to maximize quality and efficiently use existing resources. Access to risk-appropriate perinatal care to achieve the greatest possible improvement in outcome continues to be a fundamental goal."

Toward Improving the Outcome of Pregnancy: The 90s and Beyond
Committee on Perinatal Health (1993)

NPIC is a non-profit organization which began in 1985 with a charter membership of major perinatal centers across the United States. Since that time it has become recognized as an invaluable information and research resource to the health community.

Our Board of Directors includes prominent clinicians, administrators, researchers and representatives from national organizations, and our staff is comprised of a professional research and information team capable of responding to a variety of analytic, evaluative, research, policy, and strategic planning questions.

We perform analysis on the cost, management and outcome of perinatal services, evaluates health services programs, analyzes major policy issues in reproductive and family health care, and provides comparative reports to member hospitals.

Our organization is nationally recognized for the contribution made through studies on the regionalization of perinatal care. In 1985, we conducted one of the first definitive surveys of perinatal centers across the country by surveying 651 perinatal centers and receiving responses from 576 (88.5% response rate). The resulting Perinatal Center Directory became the baseline against which future growth of regional centers would be measured. Recognizing the center’s unique expertise in the organization of perinatal care, the federal government and half a dozen states contracted for studies on perinatal regionalization. One result of this intense effort was Perinatal Health Strategies for the 21st Century. Another national initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation examined the fears of "de-Regionalization" as specialists and centers grew in numbers and began to proliferate across the Country. NPIC staff presented results of their study and a blueprint for the future, The Perinatal Partnership, at a national meeting that resulted in the Regional Partnership.

As a result of studies on the regionalization of perinatal care, our staff published articles that helped to determine the effectiveness of the concept of Regionalization and the threats inherent in an unchecked growth. The Committee on Perinatal Health used much of this work in the development of its policy initiative "Toward Improving the Outcome of Pregnancy – the 90’s and Beyond."

NPIC is supported through annual membership fees, grants and contracts with Federal, state and private agencies, foundations and companies. We welcome all inquiries from all hospitals providing perinatal services.

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